Google Sheet

Use a Google Spreadsheet as a data source.

First, publishing your Google Sheet: In the File menu pick Publish to the web. Click Start publishing. A URL will appear, IGNORE THIS URL! Now that you’ve published your sheet, you now need to share it, too.

  • Click the Share link in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click the very pale Advanced button
  • Change… access to “On - Anyone with a link”
  • Make sure Access: Anyone says Can view, since you don’t want strangers editing your data
  • Click Save

Copy the Link to Share. Your URL should look something like It should not have a /d/e in it.

Enter the URL from above as the key option in the block config:

    "type": "gsheet",
    "simple": true,
    "key": ""

Add simple: true if the Spreadsheet only includes one sheet/tab.

If you get an error message about JSON parsing issues, or e is undefined, or similar, it is probably the case that the link/key to the file is wrong, and instead of getting valid JSON the gsheet block is getting an error back from google.

Check that you have shared a Google Spreadsheet - if it is an XLSX or other format file you need to first go to File menu -> “Save as Google Sheets”.

If you are not using simple mode (i.e. you have more than one sheet/tab in the spreadsheet) then you will probably need a mapping to get the data you want, Eg:

    "type": "mapping",
    "mapping": "data.\"music-recording\".elements"

Where music-recording is the name of the tab, and elements gives you the data from the rows of the sheet. NB: the ” around “music-recording” are only required because the sheet name includes a special character (-). For simple sheet names, this is not required. Eg:

    "type": "mapping",
    "mapping": "data.claim.elements"