Use the context block to save data into the global context to make it available for all subsequent tasks.

Default config

  "type": "context-save",
  "contextKey": "savedValue"

Supported properties

  • contextKey (string) - the key of the value that will be saved into context.

For example, if you use a key of “savedData” then the value will be available in the context as “context.savedData”.

  • valueGetter (string) [OPTIONAL] - the JMESPath of the value to store into

context. This defaults to “data” so if it is omitted it stores the whole incoming value into context.

  • keyGetter (string) [OPTIONAL] - the JMESPath of the key to use within context.

JMESPath does not allow for variable keys, so this makes it possible for batch code to write to different context locations.

Usage patterns

The most common usage pattern with this block is to use it with the variable get block, to fetch a value from the adapter storage and save it into the context.