This documentation is built using Sphinx and hosted on Read the Docs. The source code for the documentation is available within the docs folder within the main app repository.

You will find the latest version of the documentation online here. The docs are also available in PDF and ePUB formats.

Building the docs

In order to build the documentation yourself, you will first need to install some dependencies. These instructions are for bash, and should work on Linux and macOS. Assuming you have Python (and therefore, also pip) installed, the following commands will install sphinx, fetch the code, and build the docs:

pip install sphinx
git clone
cd docs
make html


Use the sphinx-autobuild command to rebuild the documentation when a change is detected, and auto-reload the browser to display the changes.

Run the following commands (from the root of the repository, or change the paths):

pip install sphinx-autobuild
sphinx-autobuild docs/ docs/_build/html

Then go to in the browser.