File Input

Import a file from the local system.

Default config

  "type": "file-input",
  "label": "Import",
  "accept": ["csv", "json", "xml"]

Supported properties

  • accept (default = [‘json’]) a list of formats to allow for import. The file selection will limit the selectable files to only these types. Supported types include: [‘json’, ‘csv’, ‘xml’]
  • label (default = “import”) - the label for the button to launch the file picker.

Emitted data

The data emitted from this block has the following format:

  • name - name of file that was selected
  • type - the MIME type of the file
  • size - the size in bytes of the selected file
  • lastModified - the last modified timestamp
  • content - a text string containing the full content of the file