File Export

Export data to a file.

Expected input data

This block expects the input data to contain the following keys. These match the output of the serialize block, so the two blocks can be easily combined to output data:

  • format: the format of the data
  • data: the data serialized as a text string

If the input data is a string then it will be exported as a plain text file. If the input data is an object, but does not contain the “type” and “data” keys then it will be exported as JSON data.

Default config

  "type": "file-export",
  "label": "Export",
  "fileName": "exported"

Supported properties

  • label (default = “Export”) the label to use for the export button
  • fileName (default = “export”) the name of the downloaded file, the file extension will be added automatically based on the input data format.